Term Life insurance is affordable, flexible and easy to understand.

Terms available are: Term 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40. Premium is guaranteed to remain the same for the term selected.

Term insurance is available from Age 0 – 75.

If you should die within the Term, the amount you are insured for will be paid to your beneficiary.

Term policies usually have an option to convert to a PERMANENT life insurance policies such as WHOLE LIFE, without evidence of insurability, usually prior to age 65.

Most people as long as they have an income, can afford to buy this policies. One of the disadvantages of term insurance is that if you do not die within the term, you have nothing to get back from the life insurance company.


  • Mortgage protection
  • Line of credit protection
  • Estate planning
  • Key man insurance
  • People requiring big coverage to protect his family from financial hardships at an affordable cost.
  • It is also suitable for people who have invested in a new business. Such individual can cover the risk by buying term insurance.

Finally, people have to remember that life insurance is an essential part of a good financial plan.