These are just a few of the many excuses I have heard in my career for people not to buy insurance. The toughest part of my job is not being turned down, but to take a cheque for $5,000 or $10,000 to bereaved widow.

Age 18-25 I am young. There’s plenty of time. I’ll Wait until I start making a little more money, then I’ll buy insurance.
Age 26-45 I’ve got a growing family on my hands and it takes all that I earn to keep them going. As soon as they are a little older, it will cost less. Then I’ll buy insurance.
Age 46-55 I have two children in college. It’s all I can do to pay off their expenses. I can’t buy a penny’s worth of insurance. Wait until they are out of college and on their own. The I can afford to pay the insurance.
Age 56-69 I know I should buy more insurance, but things aren’t breaking the way they should. It’s not easy for someone my age to step out and get a better job. Maybe something will break later.
Age 70 We’re living on our own, but my pension check doesn’t go far. I wish I had purchased more insurance years ago.